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Human Nature, Mother Nature

A 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck Italy’s Umbria region on Wednesday, killing almost 300 people. Tremors awoke people as far as Rome and aftershocks were felt for hours following the quake. The quake may have cost the country billions in damage, as it devastated several towns and shattered thousands of lives.

Prime Minister Matteo Renzi promised to rebuild so lives can begin again. However, many people are angered by this after he made the same promise following an earthquake that completely destroyed the town of L’Aquila seven years ago.

My classmates and I were fortunate enough to have a peak behind the scenes of L’Aquila thanks to the wonderful organization, Shoot4Change. Shoot4Change has been there to bring justice to the less fortunate and less publicized issues in Italy, with one huge project being L’Aquila. Now, the organization will have the opportunity to be the watchdog for those affected by Italy’s most recent quake.

The ruins of L’Aquila

After experiencing L’Aquila, my classmates and I were determined to spread the word of the corruption in Italy and the struggle to rebuild L’Aquila, as well at S4C’s amazing work. With the most recent quake, our opportunity expanded. The film students in my class created an incredible video to highlight only a small portion of the magnificent work S4C does and the issues surrounding L’Aquila.

Now is the perfect time to fight for what is right and to not let history repeat itself. Thanks to S4C, towns like L’Aquila will not be overlooked.


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