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My 24 Hour Visit to Massachusetts Part II

As I said in my last post, my visit to MA was not over with the concert. I was lucky enough that Mitch, one of my friends from Rome, was off of work Thursday and was willing to see me. So, he drove 40 minutes to Blue Hills Reservation in Quincy, MA to hike around with me a bit.

The trail at Blue Hills we followed was gorgeous, with big rocks lining the path and sunlight scattered on the ground through the green canopy above us. On the way to the peak of the hill, we stopped at a stone tower, which was a lookout point that gave us a nice view of Boston and its surrounding greenery. We reached the peak of the hill for some relaxation and conversation before turning to head back down.

Blue Hills Reservation, MA

After Blue Hills, Mitch took me to Quincy Quarries Reservation, which is an old quarry that is now covered in graffiti. It is definitely one of the coolest things I have seen. It offers a great view of Boston, and it was an overall fun and unique place.


I parted ways with Mitch and left right from the reservation to go home. As I was leaving, I could not believe how fortunate I am to have so many great friends. From Danielle making be breakfast the day prior, to Sarah and her extremely welcoming family and Mitch meeting me to show me some MA nature, I had an amazing trip all because of the people I was with. I am still so thankful I decided to drive up to MA alone because I definitely made unexpected lifelong memories.

(Stay tuned for a video of my adventure with Mitch!)


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