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My 24 Hour Visit to Massachusetts

I’m not one to make spontaneous plans. This is mostly because I prefer to have things planned out and my schedule is forever packed. However, this is not a normal summer for me. So, when a spontaneous opportunity arose two weeks ago, I took it.

My sorority sister, Sarah, had an extra concert ticket for the When It’s Dark Out Tour at the Xfinity Center in Mansfield, Massachusetts. When I realized I was able to make my first and longest solo road trip to see her, I was ecstatic.

I left my house on Wednesday, the day of the show, at 5:30 in the morning. I did not sleep much that night, but I knew my excitement would keep me alert on the road. The first impression I had once I left the NJ/NY area was that there were so many trees lining the highway. Not that there aren’t any trees in NJ, but a recent widening on the Garden State took some trees away, and I still have not accepted it. The ride was pleasant and I was jamming out to the radio the whole three and a half hours it took me to reach my first stop: my best friend from school, Danielle.

Durham, Connecticut

I promised Danielle that I would make it to her house for about a year and a half, and I am glad I was able to keep my promise. She lives in a beautiful house in a former farming village in Connecticut. When I walked in, I was greeted by her, her loving dog and blueberry pancakes on the griddle. It was such a pleasant and unexpected visit with a great friend, and I am so thankful I was able to see her.

Thanks for the pancakes!

Another three hours in the car filled with top-40 music and charming sights, and I made it to Sarah’s gorgeous home in Massachusetts. She was actually not home when I arrived, but her mother was extremely welcoming and even gave me left over swordfish from the night before. Like Danielle, Sarah also had an affectionate dog.

What a sweetheart

Sarah arrived a bit later and although she was stressed from being at the Apple store with her brother, we ended up talking about a range of topics and catching up for well over an hour. We then began getting ready for the concert and I met her brother and his friends. Apparently, this was concert was his birthday present.

We arrived at the concert with a large amount of time to spare and found our way to our seats, which were actually really close to the stage. The first performer was Logic, an American rapper from Maryland. I am not usually one to listen to rap, but Logic was actually a very talented and seemed like a sincere person. He explained how much our support meant to him, encouraged us to never give up on our dreams and even created some music with his computer right there on stage. He was so down to earth and I definitely became a fan.

Sarah (left) and I

The headliner, G-Eazy, took the stage shortly after, and unsurprisingly, he was a great performer. It was a blast dancing along with Sarah, who happens to be head-over-heels for G-Eazy.  It was an exciting night with incredible people and I am so thankful I was able to join Sarah. The concert alone made the drive up worth it, although my plans did not end there (to be continued).


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