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Rome Day 14: R&R

Sunday was a necessary day of rest and relaxation from our exciting and sleepless weekend in Ibiza (posts to come). Most of us slept, ate food or watched Netflix for a few hours before dinnertime Sunday night.

Professor Hillebrand made reservations at Open Baladin, a pub that promotes an “open experience” with its craft beers, mouth watering burgers and homemade sodas. It was basically an American dream. The restaurant had a whole wall filled with beer, which was really awesome. Lauren and I ended up splitting a huge 18-euro double burger, which was the best burger I have ever had in my life. We all shared their fresh-cut chips, which were all seasoned differently and paired with special sauces. I washed it down with an apple-ginger soda, which was so refreshing. I wish I could have brought some home.

The best burger I’ve ever tasted (Photo: Lauren Acone)

The dinner was just what we needed, although I was ready to jump back into eating endless pasta and bread. We walked back to our dorm relaxed for the night as we prepared ourselves for our last week of class.



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