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Rome Day 9: Cinecitta

Something that has surprised me on this trip is how well everyone wakes up and comes to class after having late nights. Then again, if someone did not get up, we would be banging his door down and dragging him to class.

Even though I went to bed at 4 a.m., my body really would not let me sleep, so I easily woke up for class. I can thank being young and being a morning person for rising so effortlessly.

The set of ancient Rome

After a quick class, everyone took the train to Cinecitta, or “Hollywood of the Tiber.” This studio is known as the center of Italian cinema and is probably the most famous film studio in Europe. Our tour guide walked us through different permanent sets that were constructed to look like ancient Rome and Israel, took us to the most famous stage, Stage 5, and left us at an indoor exhibition. It is absolutely incredible to me that these sets are used over and over again, and are manipulated so they look different each time they are used. The world of film is so fascinating. Some famous movies shot at Cinecitta include La Dolce Vita, Casanova and Gangs of New York.

An old camera (Photo: Nick Boffardi)

After Cinecitta, I took the train back to campus with some of my classmates. Once there, I had some time to pack for our next weekend adventure: a weekend in Florence.



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