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Rome Day 10: Movie Monday

We had a very relaxed day after our return from a lovely weekend in Florence (posts to come). This week was our major production and work week for class, so we were tightening our ship and preparing to sail.

After about three hours of working on material for Shoot4Change, we had a few hours to spare before dinner at Randy’s. Sarah, Lauren and I took the time to walk around the sunny streets of Rome and see new things. We actually ended up all the way near the Trastevere area, which was nice to see during daylight instead of at three in the morning.

Trastevere with Lauren and Sarah

This week had been switched up a bit, so instead of eating at our professors’ apartment on Tuesday, we changed it to Monday. It was an extra special night because Hofstra University’s Vice President of University Relations Melissa Connolly joined us for dinner and would be traveling with us the next few days. We were also delighted to be joined by Shields, our bus2alps tour guide from our Sorrento weekend.

The movie of the night was Roman Holiday. It was the first Audrey Hepburn movie I have ever seen and I think it is impressive she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role, especially with it being her breakout lead. I appreciated the movie and particularly the fact that it was filmed in its entirety in Rome and at Cinecitta. The movie was accompanied by pork and beef mixed with vegetables and mouth-watering chicken matched with perfectly seasoned potatoes. We also had lemon-flavored frizzante water, which I completely appreciated. I do not enjoy sparkling water one bit, and it is a major drink in Europe. However, I loved the lemon flavor and it reminded me of my grandparents because they always have lemon-flavored water at their house waiting for me.

We stopped for some tasty gelato at Gelateri dei Gracchi on the way home. I could not believe I would be leaving my new family and this amazing city in just a short ten days, but I knew I would make the most of it.


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