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Rome Day 5: Meetings, Munchies and a Movie

Tuesday morning I finally tried the tiny café, Gourmet, on the corner near St. John’s for breakfast. I ordered a croissant with chocolate and it was only one euro. Cheap and delicious; my favorite!

Afterwards, I headed to class with the other students. We discussed our ideas for Shoot4Change with our professors and they were pleasantly surprised with our teamwork.

Ruins of a Roman aqueduct

We had a quick break after class and then we set off to meet Shoot4Change at its headquarters, the House of the Storytellers.  On the way there, we passed some ancient aqueduct ruins, which was a fascinating surprise. After a short subway ride and a longer walk, we were greeted by the team, who seemed very enthusiastic about our visit. We sat down with S4C and exchanged ideas, and it seemed like we were off to a great start.

Meeting with S4C

After the two-hour meeting with Shoot4Change, we traveled back to St. John’s where we had a short break before dinner. Every Tuesday, Professor Hillebrand cooks us an Italian dinner and we watch a movie that somehow ties in with Rome. The movie for our first Tuesday together was The Gladiator. We met Professor Morosoff at his subway stop and we made a brief visit to St. Peter’s Square before heading to Professor Morosoff’s and Professor Hillebrand’s charming apartment. I enjoyed the terrace of the apartment, which had a table large enough to fit about eight people. The best part, however, was the food. We feasted on an array of cheeses, meats and fruits. It was an authentic Italian dinner and was well worth the wait. Now I only have to wait a week until the next “Dinner at Randy’s.” The movie was intense and showed the dark and vicious side of ancient Rome. It centers around the fight to control Rome after the great philosopher and emperor Marcus Aurelius is slain by his son. It was a well-done mix of action, drama love and passion.

Our first “Dinner at Randy’s”

Professor Hillebrand surprised us with delicious gelato from Gelateria dei Gracchi as he walked us home from dinner. I ordered dark chocolate, chocolate rum and crème flavors. I am not sure why I got the chocolate with rum in it, considering I don’t like rum raisin ice cream because I can taste the alcohol. As you can tell, I make a lot of sense.

It was a fantastic day and successful first movie night. I am excited for the Tuesday dinners to come.


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  1. Already its obvious why the ‘word of mouth” on the Hofstra Rome program is so good. Professor Hillebrand certainly puts a lot of his heart and effort into making this month an extraordinary experience for all of his students. Professor Morosoff is right in there as well!

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