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Prague Day 2 Continued: Blacklight Theatre

I know what a black light is and I know what theatre is, but I did not know there was such a thing as the two combined. When Lida first mentioned it to us, it was pretty easy to imagine: a bunch of people performing in black light. However, it is much more amusing than it sounds.


Apparently black light theatre was first created in Prague in 1961, although I have read that it was found in Asia. Anyway, it uses black light to create an illusion of objects moving on their own. For example, in one scene, an actress left her pants hanging to dry. When she walked away, her clothing started dancing. The clothes looked as if they had a mind of their own as they flew through the air shining bright from the light.


Some other scenes included a man sleeping while being tormented by his fish who thought it was funny to flood his room, a camera that was being inappropriate with a woman and a magic act of objects that seemed to be as trainable as a dog. It was a comical use of objects, mime, dance and theater that has gained international fame. I am so glad I got to experience something so different, yet so simple and relaxed.


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